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Business English Tutor

1-on-1 Business English training will help you learn basic concepts taught in business schools. This short ten-week program will enhance your understanding of the core business ideas, making you feel comfortable in navigating the corporate world.

“I teach Business English by teaching Business in English

What will I learn in this program?

This program is divided into ten modules. Five knowledge sets coupled with five skills set. 

Knowledge Set

Skills Set

Accounting is the language of Business. Here I’ll tutor the core concepts.

The essentials of finance, including investments, will be taught in this program.

The basics will be covered; I’ll provide tutoring in micro and macroeconomics.

The fundamental management principles and ideas will be discussed.

Essential concepts, both in marketing and sales, will be debated.

From conceptualization to delivery, all aspects will be taught in this course.

Different meeting types, along with writing agendas and recording minutes.

Writing useful emails for various business situations will be discussed.

Various types of negotiations will be coached with the help of a case study.

Business Etiquette
Tips on both business and dining situations will be covered in this training material.


Who is this training for?

  • This program is for you if you are a business professional working in an English-speaking environment. It will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to express and communicate with confidence.
  • This program is for you if you are aspiring to study Business in the United States, Canada, or any other English-speaking country. It will give you a definite advantage in understanding the underlying business concepts, making it much easier for you to both compete and collaborate with your peers.
  • This program is for you if you are a computer professional who excels in technicalities but lacks the knowledge and skills necessary in navigating the business world.

Who will be my Business English Teacher?
My name is Akbar Pirani, and I’ll be your Business English Teacher in this training program. In addition to my extensive business development experience, I am also a passionate educator, teaching Business English skills to professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide. For more information, please visit My LinkedIn Profile.  

Are there any prerequisites?
There are no prerequisites. However, the language level used in this course is suitable for a minimum of intermediate level. To gauge your English proficiency, I have designed a short online quiz. If you score a minimum of 80% in this quiz means that you have an intermediate level of fluency in English. Please take this quiz to make sure you are qualified to enroll yourself.

How is this course structured?
It’s a highly structured ten-week program that includes live 1-on-1 coaching session each week, along with prerecorded videos and quizzes. Before each 1-on-1 session, I assign students homework that provides for, watching short videos with relevant online self-tests. During the live class, I quickly go over the assignment and expand on topics that you might need a bit of coaching.

How much does this training cost?
This ten-week program costs $299 that includes ten live 1-on-1 training sessions.

How do I enroll in this training program?
To enroll in this ESL Business English training, you should have a minimum of intermediate level of proficiency in English. As a first step, please take this online proficiency quiz. You need a minimum of 80% in this quiz to qualify for enrollment. I would encourage you to schedule 15 minutes of a free online session with me as well. It will provide you with the opportunity to discuss with me your motivation for this program and help you decide if this training is for you. The quiz will guide you through how to schedule a free session once you have completed the proficiency test.

What if I have more questions regarding this training?
You can get in touch with me by using the contact form.

What is Business English?

According to Wikipedia, “Business English means different things to different people. For some, it focuses on vocabulary and topics used in the worlds of Business, trade, finance, and international relations. For others, it refers to the communication skills used in the workplace. It focuses on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, socialization, and correspondence.”

Here in this program, I have combined these two aspects of Business English and tied it into a single training material, where the knowledge of business concepts is complemented by the skills necessary in navigating the corporate world.

The First Step

Start your journey by taking the first step. Take the online proficiency quiz to gauge your level of fluency in English.  Learn Business English online by learning Business, in English.