Online Business English Teacher

     Akbar Pirani – Online Business English Teacher


Akbar Pirani is a passionate educator, teaching Business English skills to professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide, using online teaching platforms. He has to his credit of over fifteen years of small business development experience; both in Asia and in North America. His career exhibit extensive knowledge in a wide array of business development; from accounting and taxation to education and e-commerce.

Akbar first discovered his love for teaching back in 2004 in China, where he was offered to teach Business English to a group of Chinese professionals, working for multinational companies. This short part-time stint turned into a life-long passion for teaching. His reputation as a teacher soared as multiple teaching contracts were offered to him. It was also in China that he met his future wife and together they moved back to  Canada to put down roots in the beautiful city of Hamilton.

Akbar’s experience of working in a cross-cultural setup stretches his ability to connect with his students. He, through his lessons, has tried to address the frustrations foreign professionals face when working in an English-speaking environment. His courses, therefore, fill the disconnect between the theory and practice.

Akbar holds a degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University. A lifelong learner, he has taken numerous courses from professional and academic institutions, including TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate from the Boland School in China, and a Corporate Governance course from the Harvard University in the USA.

He currently lives with his wife in Canada. In his spare time, he loves to connect with nature by taking long walks in the trails, gazing at the night sky, practicing tai chi, or simply traveling the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity.