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Dr. Sarah Pirani has to her credit of more than 10 years of nursing experience. Her areas of expertise include family health, neurosurgery, psychiatry & mental health, internal medicine, wound care management, and virtual healthcare. Prior to joining SONDH as an assistant professor, she taught at McMaster University since 2014, first as an instructor, and later as an assistant clinical professor. She taught in a variety of settings—including classrooms, clinical environments, and simulation labs. 

Dr. Pirani is also a foreign-trained physician from Tongji University in Shanghai, China. She served as a resident physician (internal medicine) for the Shanghai East Hospital. She later transitioned her career to nursing in 2007 after moving to Canada, and earned her BScN from Western University, MScN & NP from McMaster University in Canada, and DNP degree from Chatham University in Pennsylvania. Dr. Pirani also has a higher education teaching certificate from the Harvard University. 

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