Free Online Tax Course

What is the single biggest expense for an average Canadian?

Taxes. That’s right. It’s not mortgage, it’s not your car payments, it’s not your grocery bills or your child’s education. The biggest chunk of your hard earned money goes in paying government taxes, in one form or another.

Basic Tax 101 is a free online tax course that will help you understand your taxes better. This basic tax course is taught with the help of real life scenarios in the form of quizzes. Instead of being presented with boring tax jargon, we first introduce you with a specific problem. This kick starts the brainstorming process. We expect you to make a wild educated guess from the possible choices. The correct answer is instantly displayed, along with a brief explanation. This indirect teaching technique helps grasp the subject matter naturally.

The course is divided into two quizzes. Each quiz consists of 25 questions. We recommend you to take both these quizzes at least twice. The repetition will help retain the course material in your permanent memory.

Let’s start understanding Canadian Taxes!